The Amazing Keki
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"Dear diary… Today a pretty lady asked me if I liked to dance, but I managed to play it cool and say no. This has been yet another successful interaction with a member of the fairer sex… I think it’s safe to say that I am an expert at ladies now. - Darcy” 

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Hello, I’m Keki

A little over a year ago I was injured on the job and left unable to work. Now that thoroughly sucks. What sucks more is that I need money for a lot of things, like finishing my GED, and driver’s license, and college, and fix my falling apart house.

So I’m doing commissions.


Pencil sketches

Bust- $3

Mid- $7

Full body- $10

Coloured w/ simple background

Bust- $8


Full body-$15

I have 10 slots available, if all ten are filled everyone gets 20% off.

Commissions take about a week. I ask that half be payed up front and the other half paid upon delivery. If for any reason i am unable to finish a full refund will be provided. If you are not satisfied I will redo the piece up to 2 times. A refund is not available once I am asked to redo the piece. I am only accepting paypal at the moment.

If you are interested message me or email me at

If you can’t afford to buy one I ask that you signal boost this, I have no income and I would really like to become more independant.